Additional devices

For automatic filling lines

ELVAbox CTN 90

Compensation tank for filling under  inert gas.
Completely designed of stainless steel AISI 304
Sterilization possible; max. pressure 10 bar
To be placet between pump and filling machine
Integrated level control by min-max sensors
Needs local azote supply
Standard control panel.

• Keeps exactly the desired presure
• Integration of the customer's filter
• Individual control panel

Data sheet_ELVAbox_CTN90

ELVAform Mark IV


Case erector for Bag-in-Box.
The machine was designed for Bag-in-Box
The tray allows to work with right- oder left-opening boxes
Standard-type for closing the lower flaps before putting them
out  of the machine
Box sizes für bags of 1.5 up to 10 litres (american type)

• Flexible
• Easy to handle
• Boxes with automatic bottom
• Hot melt device for the bottom flaps

Data sheet ELVAform