For bottles

For bottles

We offer a range of machines for wine and champagne bottles. Find our solutions for filling, capping and also opening of glass bottles.

Filling machines

Our filling machines are suitable for your handcrafted beverage products. You will be happy with ELVAmac machines if you are looking for simple, robust and eady to clean filling machines.

Corking machines for wine

Our corking machines are suitable for a wide range of wine bottles. From 0.25l up to 20l bottles: we have the suitable solution! Try to test us and let us know your bottle types.

Corking machines for sparkling wine

Our machines for sparkling wine are available in various combinations: corking machine, wire hooding machine and also a combined machine for both operations. Do you have oversized champagne bottles? We can provide a suitable machine for this application.

Cork screw

ELVAmac is manufacturing professional cork screws for winemakers, restaurants and other professionals. Rapid cork pullers are well known for their robust design and longevity.