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Machines for the beverage industry

ELVAmac has a long history and a lot of experience in the beverage industry. Filling and capping: we have proven solutions ready for you. Discover our machines for bottling, corking, uncorking and bag-in-box filling.

Rapid corker

The Rapid corkers are characterized by their wide range of applications:
There is a suitable solution for wine bottles, special formats and sparkling wine.

Rapid for professionals

The Rapid corkers offer technology for professionals: with the four-jaw cork compressor and various options, good wine is corked fairly.

Modular system

The modular system allows the right solution to be configured. This means that different bottle formats can be processed on the same corking machines.

large bottle formats

Rapid corkers can be suitable for large formats up to 20L and offer additional comfort solutions for heavy bottles.

Format pars

Each Rapid machine is tailored to your needs. Our professionals configure a machine to your bottle formats.

ELVA filling machine

Our bottle fillers are suitable for filling your beverages in glass bottles. Wine, fruit juice, tea, milk etc.: We bring your beverage reliably in the bottle.

Filling gently

ELVA fillers are suitable for gentle filling of still beverages.

Simple technology

The solution lies in simplicity: siphon fillers have long proven their worth.


Reduction to the minimum: due to their simplicity, ELVA filling machines are easy to clean.


Proven technology pays off: ELVAmac fillers are characterized by their reliable operation.

Bag-in-Box filling machines

Our bag-in-box filling machines are suitable for beverages, food and all liquid products which can be stored and distributed in the bag-in-box system.

Modular design

ELVAbox fillers are tailored to your product: the machine components can be modularly tailored to your application.

Wide range of machines

ELVAbox filler are available for all users: from small manufactures to large-scale production, ELVAbox solutions can be used.

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